TouchProxy (for Windows 8)

A remote touch injection client for Windows 8 using standard TUIO+OSC protocols, variable input calibration, and integrated hosted Wi-Fi networking for devices.


  • Works with any standard TUIO tracker app or service as a remote multitouch input panel. Apps are currently available for:
  • Uses the native TouchInjection API for Windows 8 as a proxy for multitouch input hardware
  • Provides integrated hosted Wi-Fi networking services using the native WlanHostedNetwork API for faster performance between devices or when a local shared network is unavailable
  • Offers direct and indirect contact modes for both manipulation and/or presentation overlay
  • Provides detailed calibration of touch inputs to compensate for differences in remote hardware input panels (i.e.: variations in smartphone bezels, digitizer boundaries, etc.)
  • Allows targeting of primary or virtual display bounds for touch interaction across single or multiple screen resolutions and layouts
  • Emulates the Windows key and hardware button events using the native Keyboard Input API with configurable touch patterns
  • Uses updated TUIO and OSC protocol libraries optimized for .NET 4.5 and offers full diagnostic tracing of inbound message streams
  • See the Documentation page for complete options and usage information



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